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September 24, 2016

WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: JonBenet Ramsey’s killer’s 26,000 word public CONFESSION submitted to Denver FBI—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Write Into Action (Timothy Charles Holmseth) received a tip that led to the acquisition of a 26,000 word mass confession by a serial killer that admits to murdering JonBenet Ramsey.

The confession has been submitted to Special Agent Kimberly Milka, Denver FBI.

From: Timothy Charles Holmseth [mailto:tholmseth@wiktel.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 11:22 PM
To: 'Kimberly.Milka@ic.fbi.gov'
Subject: Attn: Kimberly Milka / Evidence / Child Sexual Abuse and Murder

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1597 (cell)

In Re: 26,000 page confession by serial killer and child rapist / JonBenet Ramsey

September 22, 2016

Special Agent Kimberly Milka
Denver FBI

Special Agent Milka,

Attached you will find a copy of a book entitled ‘Two Is Too Young To Die.’ It is located online at the following online address http://pastebin.com/Z6UkJkR4 I was directed to the link today by somebody I don’t know that visits by online publications.

The book/confession is authored by a serial killer claiming to have murdered JonBenet Ramsey and other children. The 26,000 word book is so completely disturbing and sexually graphic regarding the author’s confessions of violence and rape of little children it shocks the conscience beyond my ability to convey horror.

I am stating for the record in this Report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the author of this abomination could never be protected or immune from state and/or federal prosecution under the National Security Act of 1947. Nothing contained in this satanic composition and confession regarding the rape and murder of little children falls under National Security.

I will be providing a copy of this through the United States Postal Service to U.S. presidential candidate Donald J. Trump for review by his tentative Justice Department.

My heart and soul are searing with anger; and this I will tell you; the Lord God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham will not let this stand; that I will tell you.

Respectfully submitted,
Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Journalist/Author/Publisher


Our country’s Luciferian shadow government will not prosecute such matters.

Therefore, the confession, which was published on Barnes and Noble for a period of time, will be submitted by Timothy Charles Holmseth to U.S. presidential candidate Donald J. Trump for review by his tentative Justice Department.

Write Into Action is reluctantly publishing a few segments from ‘Two Is Too Young To Die’ for purposes of exposing the truth.


Children are sexual beings. They have natural desires. I use these desires.

I am a pedophile and a murderer. This is my story told in the most respectable way because to tell it any other way would be uncivilized.
Long before I ever took JonBenet’s life, I had opportunity to turn away from these base desires and unholy lusts, yet I did not. Each successful kill of a lower class child desensitized me to what I was doing and I became more brazen. But each time, I wound up seeking a bigger thrill.
I had allowed my wrath to pour forth unabatedly as I choked the life from JonBenet. Moments later the awesome godlike power abandoned me, and I was fearfully alone.

At this time, I have in my possession a two year old child, female. I will not divulge all the details, obviously. But this is to be the my legendary crowning achievement as never before seen or imagined. I have orchestrated this last chapter in my life so that the public can determine the fate of this child’s life. The infamous ransom note was never properly decoded though the key was clearly given. S.B.T.C.

Two is too young to die, so maybe this time around one of you wannabe private investigators can figure things out before it is too late. For the child’s sake, I hope all you social justice warriors do a better job deciphering the code than you did with JonBenet’s investigation.
I have a thirst for raping and murdering a child. The thirst has waxed and waned throughout my life.

In the beginning, you groom your little strawberries. The problem with grooming a fuck toy is that you still have to be considerably more gentle than the violence needed to quench the thirst. Maddie was groomed at a very young age to degrade herself for the entertainment of The Crew. But hormones took their toll on her beautiful body. Her sexy little buds gave way to big, saggy milk bags. She had to find new ways to revive her appeal to the pedophiles that provided her sexual release. Maddie needed a daddy to orgasm. That is how she was trained.  Eventually, she became the mindless puppet of The Potion Seller and was entrusted with the first and most important clue as to the identity of the girl. Madelon very much reminds me of the woman that Patsy used to be.
Unfortunately, you cannot expect satisfy the thirst for any considerable amount of time with a groomed victim. It is just not real enough. You cannot expect to remain very well concealed in normal society if you just barbarian pound some druggie’s bastard child in their young tender ass with reckless abandon. The little son of bitch winds up going to the hospital with rectal tearing, busted ribs, internal bleeding, and a copious load of semen up his asshole-explain that one to the cops.

Download on Google Drive: /222/ Two Is Too Young To Die

9/20/16—Published confession from JonBenet Ramsey’s killer submitted to Boulder Police Department—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

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