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February 20, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: FBI investigating link between Columbine School and Planned Parenthood shootings—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

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The FBI is investigating a link between the Columbine School shooting in 1999, and the Planned Parenthood shooting in 2015.

The Denver FBI is investigating pro-life radical Rev. Bob Enyart for his possible involvement in the November 27, 2015 mass shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

Enyart is no stranger to the FBI.

FBI records reveal Enyart, a self-proclaimed pastor, abortion activist, and radio talk-show host, has been on the FBI’s radar since at least 1999 when a mass shooting occurred at Columbine.

Official FBI reports on the Columbine School shooting reveals persons with prior knowledge of the impending massacre were discussing it in a chat room on “Bob Enyart Live”. Four entire paragraphs were dedicated to Enyart’s chat room in the FBI report.

“While in BOB ENYART LIVE [redacted by FBI] had an electronic conversation with two screen names,” the Report said.

“During the course of the investigation [redacted by the FBI] made statements to the effect that something bad was going to happen in Colorado or North Carolina on April 20, 1999.

“[Redacted] made further references to the holocaust, Adolph Hitler’s birthday, and a fire. Toward the end of the conversation [redacted] stated to keep your eyes open,” the Report said.

“[Redacted] frequently visits the chat room BOB ENYART LIVE and [redacted] believes that [redacted] is a seventeen year-old boy, possibly from Colorado,” the Report said.

Enyart’s has other connections to the Columbine School shooting.

Enyart became deeply involved with Brian Rohrbough whose son, Daniel Rohrbough, was killed at Columbine. Brian Rohrbough was a member of Enyart’s ‘Denver Bible Church’ which has since been described as a ‘satanic cult’ by former members Curtis and Danielle Kekoa.

Brian Rohrbough was the president of Colorado Right to Life and used the pro-life platform to run as the VP running mate of Alan Keyes on the presidential ticket. Brian Rohrbough and Enyart once co-signed a scathing letter to Dr. James Dobson regarding abortion issues.

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado, former members of Enyart’s church, say the entire church is a ‘front’ using pro-life for a façade. The Kekoa’s told the FBI that Enyart is responsible for the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway, and Dylan Redwine.

Danielle Kekoa was interviewed by the FBI by three days before the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting carried out by Robert Lewis Dear. Special Agent Kimberly Milka, Denver FBI, contacted Danielle Kekoa seeking information about Enyart’s Denver Bible Church.

“[Bob Enyart] is perhaps the most dishonest and deceptive man I have ever met in my life. He is a blatant liar and his whole thing is to try to get people into following and worshipping him,” Brian Rohrbough said.

Lisa Rohrbough, Brian Rohrbough’s wife, compared Enyart to the infamous mass murderer, Rev. Jim Jones. “Follow [Rev. Bob Enyart] – do you what you want – but when it comes the time – don’t drink the red kool-aid – he reminds me of that terrible person,” she said.

Enyart once suggested during a radio program that he possessed video of JonBent Ramsey being tortured and murdered.

John Walsh, United States Attorney, District of Colorado, issued a press release in November, 2015. "The United States Attorney's Office and federal law enforcement have been working throughout in close support of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and State of Colorado law enforcement, as well as Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May. We also have been in close contact with both the National Security Division and Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. The federal investigation is ongoing and focused," Walsh said.

February 16, 2016

Bob Enyart on 'Justice for DYLAN Redwine' TROLL Page: Retired FBI agent Pete Klismet suspicious in existing criminal investigations—The Steven Avery syndrome: Something isn't right with this former fed—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

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The Steven Avery Syndrome continues to emerge in the wake of ‘Making a Murderer’.

Retired FBI agent Pete Klismet, Criminal Profiling Associates LLC., has become the focus of suspicion regarding his presence in multiple criminal investigations.

There are now questions regarding any evidence found in existing criminal investigations that Klismet was brought into after the case became cold.

Klismet recently insulted the Denver FBI regarding their investigations into the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, as well as activist radical pastor Bob Enyart and his (Enyart’s) associate Kimberly Kay Bowman.

Klismet’s grandiose claims and strange behavior, while continuously interjecting himself into active criminal cases, is beginning to cast a probative light upon the former FBI agent.

Klismet’s odd behavior reached a fevered pitch following the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs.

In November, 2015, an FBI task force investigating plots against Planned Parenthood facilities contacted Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado. Kekoa was asked for inside information she had about on goings at Denver Bible Church where she and her husband, Curtis Kekoa, had been members until fleeing what they now call a “satanic cult”.

Three days after Danielle Kekoa was interviewed and told the FBI to “expect” something because Enyart had been outed and exposed; a gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, went to the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and killed three people including a police officer.

While most applaud the FBI for their investigative insight that led them to the Kekoa’s, which shows the Task Force is onto those behind murders and mass-shootings, Klismet emerged from nowhere to declare the Kekoa’s unstable and dangerous.

In December, 2015, Klismet slammed the Kekoa’s during an online Facebook exchange with a Web troll that was posting under the name ‘Justice for DYLAN Redwine’.

During the exchange, the Kekoa’s were labeled as “insane”.

The pattern of ad hominem attacks against the FBI’s witnesses may be a sign that Klismet is associated with Enyart.

Klismet’s use of his time to discredit FBI witnesses using online conversations with Web trolls is alarming because of the appearance and possibility he is communicating with something called a ‘sock puppet’; a device used by disinformation specialists to create the appearance they are talking to somebody else when in fact they are simply talking to themselves using multiple Twitter accounts and/or user names on message boards.

“I’ve had my share of emails and contacts through my website from these morons. Truth is … I would be more concerned about these people doing a mass shooting than anyone else. Certified and committed whackleberries. (That’s a word us profilers use a lot),” Klismet said.

Klismet’s suggestion that he is worried the Kekoa’s could do a mass-shooting has many believing Klismet is at the least – a charlatan and fraud.

“The Kekoa’s have certainly demonstrated that they are not dealing with a full deck. I sure hope they do not own any weapons. With this kind of crazy who knows what’s next. Whackleberries is the perfect named for the Kekoa’s,” replied ‘Justice for DYLAN Redwine’.

Klismet’s proactive psychological diagnosis of the Kekoa’s appears out of place and does not match the written letters of references regarding the Kekoa’s that were authored by members of the Denver Bible Church, including a reference from Enyart, before the parents of six exited the cult and went to authorities.

*LINKS: Justice for DYLAN Redwine:

“Anyone following Dylan’s case has probably been spammed or stalked by the Kekoa’s. These sick twisted weirdoes believe the pastor is responsible for the death of Jon Benet, Jessica Ridgeway, and even Dylan, and now they are accusing him of all these crazy shootings happening all around our Country,” said 'Justice for DYLAN Redwine'.

Klismet has received local media attention in Colorado regarding his relationship with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and the ongoing investigation into the murder of Dylan Redwine.
But there are issues.

Klismet’s back-story as a ‘criminal profiler’ along with his continued activity is causing suspicion regarding the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office’s association with him.

In July, 2015, Klismet appeared on Channel 7 Denver, to discuss his involvement in the ongoing criminal investigation of murdered child Dylan Redwine. The news piece was one of many heralding breaking new leads in the case.

“After five months of reviewing what he called “voluminous material, evidence and reports,” former FBI criminal profiler Pete Klismet said he determined there was someone the team needed to be focused on,” Channel & reported.

“I’ve been doing this 30 years – I’ve yet to get one wrong,” Klismet said.

Klismet has been called a “John Douglass wannabe” and there is virtually no footprint of the outstanding career and successes he claims.

In July, 2015, Klismet appeared on a Web radio program hosted by a man named Levi Page to discuss the Dylan Redwine case.

The association with Page also went bad for Klismet.

In July, 2015 the police department in East Grand Forks, Minnesota conducted an investigation into Page after his website appeared as the authoring site of sex-based threats against the children of an investigative journalist.

The EGFPD discovered Page had lied about his age in an online bio erected in 2010 where he was featured as a 34 year-old “criminal investigator” and shown posing with HLN’s Nancy Grace.

The EGFPD investigation revealed Page was only 25 years-old in 2015. “I contacted Austin Peay University and was able to obtain contact information for a Levi H Page DOB 07/19/1990,” reported Officer Corey Amundson, East Grand Forks Police Department.

In reality – in 2010 Page was not 34 years-old and had no college education, experience, or background.

“The Nashville, Tenn., native is also a regular on the CNN Headline News show Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, where he discusses cases like those of Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony and Kyron Horman,” the bio says.

The evidence regarding Page was included in documents filed to the Minnesota court. In 2015 a Minnesota judge described Page as one of the “online trolls” harassing and threatening investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth’s family.

Page originally began threatening Holmseth after the February, 2009 disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings in Florida.

Page, along with Tina Church, Specialized Investigative Consultant Inc, Indiana, called Timothy Holmseth and told him HaLeigh Cummings was dead and he better “shut the fuck up” and stop saying HaLeigh is alive.

LISTEN TO CALLS AT http://writeintoaction.com/Pete%20Klismet.html

In 2011, Page and Church telephoned Holmseth again to harass him. Following the telephone call, Church called the EGFPD in her capacity as “investigator” and told police Holmseth had just claimed to have the HaLeigh Cummings in his apartment.

Recordings of the call prove Church was lying and made a false police report.
New information regarding the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping; now in the hands of the FBI; casts an umbrella of suspicion over Page, Church, and now Klismet.

In a spectacular piece of new evidence, the FBI has a lead that HaLeigh Cummings was transported out of the State of Florida by Specialized Investigative Consultants, Inc.

In July 2015, Klismet emailed Holmseth and said, “I have been working with the sheriff’s dep’t for quite some time, and have quite a bit of credibility with them.  Feel free to contact anyone in the county you wish, but as I said before, you might be messing with the wrong person.  I’d recommend you knock off this foolishness since you have no stake in or involvement in or credibility with anyone involved with this investigation.”


*READ UPDATES: 2/17/16—Mark Redwine the next Steven Avery via planted evidence?—La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigator attached to group using online intimidation with pornography

3/02/16—Retired FBI agent Pete Klismet involved in Planned Parenthood shooting?—Write Into Action calling for former FBI agent to be investigated by FBI and DHS for domestic terrorism




2013-01-02 — Officer Tom Cowing La Plata County re: Dylan Redwine Tip Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman

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February 4, 2016

NEW PETITION TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Make the Federal Bureau of Investigation Arrest Robert Adolph Enyart FBI# 678532LA7—DOMESTIC TERRORIST & SERIAL-KILLER



Order the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Arrest ‘Shot-Caller’ Robert Adolph Enyart FBI# 678532LA7: Leader of a Group of DOMESTIC TERRORISTS Who Have Committed Treason While Organizing Abductions, Murders, Child-Pornography, Assassinations, Bombings & More Nationwide.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation knows detailed facts about a highly sophisticated, underground criminal-organization stationed out of Denver, CO that organizes the abductions and murders of countless victims nationwide, then skillfully frames innocent people for the crimes or programs mentally-ill contract killers to serve as the assassins. The attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs is only one of the many intended targets, and many more will be successfully executed if this group is not stopped.

Since 2012 over a dozen law enforcement agencies in Colorado have been fully aware this domestic terrorist group, including Boulder PD, Westminster PD, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, Denver Crime Stoppers, Arapahoe County Internal Affairs and more. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have also been well aware of this domestic terrorist group since 2014, but absolutely no efforts by law enforcement have been made to stop this dangerous group of individuals from organizing crime.

The leader and ‘shot-caller’ of this domestic terrorist group is a twice convicted child-abuser and satanic serial-killer named Robert Adolph Enyart (FBI# 678532LA7) who has a written manifesto to take over the United States Government since the 1990s. Enyart has been successful in his plan by operating a phony “pro-life” ministry as “pastor” Bob of Denver Bible Church to remain above suspicion, and by having officers in law enforcement, along with attorneys, appointed judges, mayors, governors, ambassadors and even presidential candidates who are members of his Shadow Government.

Any whistleblowers who attempt to expose these criminals suffer from institutionalized harassment, cyber-stalking, death threats, defamation of character, relentless efforts to have children by seized by police and CPS, false protection orders placed against them, false accusations of murder, witness intimidation, extortion, violations of civil rights, ritualistic gang-stalking, and other unlawful tactics continue to be used to bully, intimidate and silence any witness.


re: Dirty Cops, Domestic Terrorists, Kidnappers, Satanic Serial-Killer & "Shot-Caller" in Denver Robert Adolph Enyart FBI#678532LA7

  • Robert Adolph Enyart aka “Pastor” Bob (1/10/59 | FBI# 678532LA7
    | SS# 152-60-4382) — Shot-Caller & Founder of ShadowGov.com/Twice Convicted Child-Abuser/Satanic Serial-Killer who left his DNA on JonBenet Ramsey/Guilty of Organizing the Abduction, Murder & Dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine (plus 100s more)
  • Kenneth Tyler Scott (7/25/49) — Anti-Abortion Extremist/Domestic Terrorist/Mentally-Ill Stalker/Hypomanic-Homicidal
  • Joanne "Jo" Scott (Joanne Kreipel) (7/27/52) — Anti-Abortion Extremist/Convicted Felon Conspiracy to Bomb Abortion Clinic
  • Deputy Gordon Carroll — Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office/Denver Bible Cult Elder/Snuff Writer
  • Kimberly Kay Bowman (10/23/64) — Disinfo Internet Troll/Exploits Missing & Murdered Children for Profit/Conspired to murder Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine and frame people for the crime
More Info Visit:

  • Rev. Richard Grund — ‘Former’ Satanist & Founder of The Supernatural Response Team/Suspected in the ritualistic child-sacrifice of Caylee Anthony & abduction of HaLeigh Cummings
  • Jesse Grund — Ex-Fiance of Casey Anthony/Son of Rev. Grund
  • William Eugene Staubs (6/23/57) — “Cobra” the Bounty Hunter/Connected to Child Pornography Scandal with Missing Child HaLeigh Cummings
  • Levi Page (7/19/90) — Disinfo Hate-Blogger/Criminal Investigator Impersonator/Connected to Child Pornography Scandal with Missing Child HaLeigh Cummings
  • Wayanne Kruger — Self-Proclaimed Child Sex-Abuse Advocate/ Official Advocate for Missing Child HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield
  • Kim L. Picazio — Attorney at Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield/Placed False Protection Order Against Minnesota Investigative Journalist for Exposing Connection
  • Nancy Grace (10/23/59) — Tabloid Media Whore & Disinformation Specialist/Assisted Child Pornographers & Sex-Traffickers During HaLeigh Cummings Investigation/HLN Program is Delivery System for Shadow Government Disinformation
More Info Visit: www.WriteIntoAction.com


FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation: 1-800-CALL-FBI | Denver FBI Special Agent Kimberly Milka 303-630-6922 | Department of Homeland Security: toll-free 866-347-2423 & 202-282-8495 | Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Lt. Travis Stewart: 720-847-4112 | - Denver-Metro CRIME-STOPPERS: 720-913-STOP (7867) | - Denver Homicide Detective Randy Denison: 720-913-6064 or 720-641-1702 | - Boulder PD Commander Stewart: 303-441-3300 or 303-442-3333 | - Boulder PD Detective Foster: 303-441-4329 | - Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith: 303-658-4234 | - Westminster PD Detective Russ Johnson: 303-658-4360 | - La Plata County Sheriff's Detective Tom Cowing: 970-382-7045 or 970-382-7015