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March 22, 2013

Circumstantial "PROOF" CRIMINAL TIME-LINE of Bob Enyart's ShadowGov "Small Foreign Faction"

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*Important Dates to consider for more Clues That Break The Case that places the ShadowGov Assassins at the Scene of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder on Christmas 1996

 From 1980's to 2009 (Including links to court docs, arrest records, restraining orders, mental-health evaluations and medical expert opinions.)

For an even greater context in understanding the ruthless criminal tactics of the ShadowGov movement over two decades long, first read this pretext warning by a Boulder doctor that went unnoticed in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case in 1996, one year after being published:

* Special Report prepared for the Criminal Division Department of Justice (1975-1995):  Anti-Abortion Activity at Boulder Abortion Clinic In A National Context - by Dr. Warren M. Hern

*August 16, 1994 - Compare the aggressive language and violent threatening style of writing of the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note to this  death threat addressed to late-term abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado which states in part: “Doctor: As you must be acutely aware, there is an underground network forming that is monstrously contagious…”

*Late December 1995 - Jan 1996 - Ken Scott (long-time friend of Enyart & member of ShadowGov & Denver Bible Cult) was committed to a mental institution inBoulder because he was stalking Dr. Hern and determined to be gravely disabled, and a danger to himself and others.  Scott was diagnosed as being “bi-polar, hypomanic-homicidal” depressed with psychotic features, and he was exhibiting a general disregard for rules and pro social behaviors.  

*From August 1996 - October 1996 - Bob Enyart was at the end of a losing custody battle with his first ex-wife, Krista Lynn Crisler who obtained a restraining order prohibiting Enyart from using any corporal punishment or spending Christmas 1996 with his boys…Krista mysteriously died in March of 1999 and Enyart was awarded custody of the two boys.

*On December 17, 1996 - After decades of targeted harassment, violence, stalking and criminal arrests, ShadowGov member, Kenneth Scott had filed a $10 million LAWSUIT against Dr. Hern and the entire Boulder Police Department.

*JUST 9 DAYS LATER...On December 26, 1996, the most notorious and bizarre, Satanic child sacrifice, kidnapping for ransom, murder-mystery case in all of American history took place just over a mile from the Boulder Abortion Clinic in the basement of the Ramsey’s home where JonBenet was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered by an unknown male intruder who left his "Small Foreign Faction" DNA at the crime scene and is waiting for those secrets to be revealed...

*HYPOCRISY reveals the sinister GUILT of the ShadowGov - Denver Post story: 
Protesters Gather Outside Courthouse 
Oct. 15, 1999 - BOULDER - The angry, the curious and the oblivious all weighed in Thursday in Boulder on the JonBenet Ramsey case… Several of the protesters wearing black T-shirts with "Shadowgov.com'' printed on the front were followers of Bob Enyart, the conservative radio talk-show host.
"We believe Alex Hunter silenced the grand jury," said Kenneth Scott of Denver.  Scott said he "absolutely" believes John and Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet and that the ransom note found in the Ramsey house proves it...


To this very day, "pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church refuses to clear his name with the BoulderPD or simply send the Kekoa's a demand letter to stop accusing him of MURDER!
Makes you wonder what other SECRETS he has to hide?

"Publicity is Bob's goal -- there can be absolutely no doubt about that -- and on this day, he thinks he's figured out how to get another fix."
 - Michael Roberts, Westword, "Thank God for Bob!"

March 18, 2013

Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart Shows Off - by Mrs. A

(Read comments below for more)
Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart is quite a show off and has a history of doing it in hypocrisy according to Dani Kekoa's experiences as a former member of his cult.
 For instance, the time when he had his whole church participate in the "Sheets of Shame" project. Bob had them put a sign on the side of a mountain which took several days to do. This sign was for the purpose of protesting the murder of unborn children and was all over the news, making Bob famous for his "piety."(Note: Dani Kekoa very strongly believes it was done as a cover for getting away with murder).
Another instance: Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart, the "convicted child abuser," (See court documents) falsly accuses the Kekoa family of horrendous child abuse and then Child
Protective Services did a FULL and Lengthy investigation and ALL the accusations were UNFOUNDED. Read about it here and also here. (Note: reason was Dani's husband rebuked him for giving a lady member of the cult "God's blessing of divorce.)" See the pattern?
Last one for now is: Twice divorced adulterer, Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart protests against homosexuals and in allegiance to the National Organization of Marriage. Read more here.
I just have to say for me personally, I am very leery about Pastors that seem to draw lots of attention to themselves by their "works." I would strongly advise anyone to seek for spiritual leaders who are humble and meek. And PLEASE DO NOT rely on a Pastor to spoon feed you God's teachings! Read it for yourself and pray to Him for wisdom to understand it. And also realize that Pastors should be hyper- conscious to the fact that "Knowledge puffs up while love builds up." 1 Cor. 8:1. Well, Pastor Bob Adolph Enyart, regarding your public "righteous deeds" (filthy rags, really), as the scripture says: "That is all the reward you will ever get." Mathew 6:2.