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September 1, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: FBI informant warns public against calling in JonBenet Ramsey tips to Boulder Police Department—Colorado law enforcement “harvesting” information and “targeting” tipsters—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

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CBS Denver reported today that law enforcement in Colorado is asking for the public’s help to solve the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

“We have not and will not give up. We remain focused on this investigation and finding justice for JonBenet,” said BPD Chief Greg Testa.


Danielle Kekoa, an FBI informant, says tipsters with solid information are being targeted by ‘shadow government’ squads.

“The cops know the truth, and they're bs-ing about this case like they do every other year or so. They're corrupt. It's Boulder. It's Colorado,” Kekoa said.

“Don't waste your time calling in tips to the Boulder PD, they're only harvesting information. They have no intention of following up on any good tips, and if you have a good tip, then they will target you,” Kekoa said.

Police records and video show Danielle Kekoa, and her husband Curtis Kekoa’s, have been targeted for non-stop harassment by Colorado law enforcement, CPS, and other agencies including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The harassment began after the Kekoa’s defected from Denver Bible Church and reported information to the police about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and other children.

Denver FBI special agent Kimberly Milka advised the Kekoa’s to alert the FBI of any future acts of rights violations and plans to attend court hearings.

The Kekoa’s defected from Denver Bible Church, which they describe as a “satanic cult” several years ago, and began sounding the alarm to the police in Colorado about the JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway, and Dylan Redwine murders.

Danielle Kekoa was questioned by Denver FBI in November 2015 about criminal activities in the Colorado underworld. She said the latest televised statements by the Boulder police chief is the usual con.

“It's all BS. The Boulder Police Department has known about the serial killer who left his DNA on JonBenet since 2012,” Kekoa said.

Kekoa is referring to Robert (Bob) Enyart, the radio shock jock and pro-life activist that heads up Denver Bible Church; the organization under investigation by federal authorities for suspected involvement in attacks on Planned Parenthood.

Denver FBI interviewed Danielle Kekoa about Enyart in November of 2015 in efforts to stop a pending attack on Planned Parenthood, which occurred nonetheless, in Colorado Springs, three days after the interview.

In 2016 the Kekoa’s produced a documentary entitled “Expect it” which features information about Planned Parenthood and other cases shared with the FBI by Danielle Kekoa.

It is no surprise the FBI is interested in Enyart. Enyart, a convicted child abuser, authored and published a Manifesto declaring the formation of his own government that is sovereign from the laws of the United States.

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa were members of Enyart’s ‘Denver Bible Church’, which they fled with their six children after realizing something was horribly wrong with Enyart and his cult-like followers that Kekoa described to the FBI as a group of pedophiles.

Danielle Kekoa’s claims of retaliation are substantiated by this publication (Write Into Action – Timothy Charles Holmseth) that was threatened earlier this week by a caller using a voice changer.  (LISTEN HERE)

The anonymous caller demanded Timothy Holmseth remove a photo of JonBenet Ramsey from his website, which shows stun-gun burns on the six year-old child.

Cathy O’Brien, an author and survivor of Project Monarch, a CIA program that utilizes trauma based mind-control, says an instructional video called “How to create a mind control slave using a stun-gun” was found in the Ramsey home and seized on the grounds of National Security. O’Brien says she was the female used in the video.

In an interview with Write Into Action, O’Brien asked the million dollar question ‘what could the random murder of a six year-old, snatched from her bed in her own home, possibly have to do with National Security?’

Questions are mounting about the whereabouts of Enyart on December 25-26, 1996, and any affiliation he has with the CIA and Project Monarch.

The BPD’s appeal to the public for tips, is met with great irony, as one of the most detailed tips to ever come in to law enforcement about JonBenet Ramsey was from Enyart.

Enyart, turning homicide temporary investigator for the child’s murder, authored a detailed timeline and 3,300 word analysis of what occurred in the Ramsey home the night the child was murdered. The analysis entitled The Clue that Breaks the Case was published on Enyart’s website at www.shadowgov.com

Enyart appears obsessed with murder and has organized protests using his followers.

According to a Washington D.C. insider, the murder of JonBenet Ramsey is going to be solved by a Donald Trump Justice Department.

The Clue that Breaks the Case was authored and published by Bob Enyart at www.shadowgov.com.

Many believe it was written by an eye-witness.

READ MORE – – – http://www.writeintoaction.com/JonBenet%20Ramsey%20FBI%20emerges%20from%20chaos.html



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