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August 18, 2013

The JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note Analysis: "Pastor" Bob Enyart's ShadowGov = The "Small Foreign Faction" - w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa & Legend Detective Lou Smit

"Few would disagree that the three-page ransom note is as important a piece of evidence as exists in this case.  Anyone hoping to come up with a theory of who killed JonBenet Ramsey has to come to grips with the significance and meaning of this communication."
-- FBI Criminal Profiler John Douglas, The Cases That Haunt Us

*Read complete ShadowGov Criminal Profile in the JonBenet Murder Case -  Notes by Dani Kekoa & Detective Lou Smit 
(Originally posted Sept 2012)



December 25, 1996
                          "Mr. Ramsey,  Listen carefully!  We are a
group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. 
We respect your bussiness (sic) but not the country that it serves..." 

[*Bob Enyart's Shadowgov.com is the Small Foreign Faction” which includes the following “group of individuals” who have been bound together for over twenty years: Master-mind Pastor Bob Enyart who admittedly wants to take over the country; his supporter Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy and snuff-style horror novelist, Gordon CarrollEx-US Marine, catamite friend and BEL Co-Host, Doug McBurney, who also has a business called Bound Inc, in addition to his YouTube account under BoundInc and TheSuperPsychoKiller.  Other long-time criminal offenders such as Kenneth Tyler Scott and countless unknown political assassins belong to ShadowGov.  A more recent criminal co-conspirator includes CRAZY BPD Lady, and founder of Colorado Missing Children's Foundation, Kimberly Kay Bowman. The combination of these clinically-ill characteristics makes these ShadowGov men (and women) textbook cases as dangerous threats to society. According to Enyart, as of the late 1990's he has "Judges" stationed in 100 major cities nationwide ready for orders.

ShadowGov represents a “small foreign faction” of male political activists, a “group of individuals” within the US that want to radically change the policies of the country.  Bob Enyart reportedly used work for Microsoft and McDonnell Douglas before he became a talk-show host, “Christian” pastor and “pro-life” activist.  His group has “respect” for John Ramsey's business, Access Graphics, or the computer industry giving Enyart the ability to operate, manipulate and dominate anonymously online. They "do not respect" the laws of the country they are supposed to serve and defend as American born citizens. Bob Enyart attended Arizona State University, majoring in computer science, and worked as a technician for McDonnell Douglas, an industry competitor. But Bob also has a deep seeded envy and hatred for successful, honorable Christian men, like John Ramsey, Dr. Ron Paul or Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family for example, which is why he has devoted so much of his career to tearing them down.  Of course, this is all done in hypocrisy as Enyart has vocalized to the public how he used to be addicted to hard-core pornography, he committed adultery and solicited prostitutes which led to the end of his first and second marriages.  Enyart was also arrested of "cruelty towards a child" in 1994 for beating his girlfriend’s son after two months of dating.  The mother, Cheryl would marry Bob six days after being arrested for child-abuse, and Enyart was again charged with child-abuse weeks later.

Since ShadowGov despises the “godless” US government, they made a point to mention it in the ransom note due to the lack of  “respect" for the failed Judicial System.  They claim it has failed for not “Rightly Judging” criminal behavior by swiftly executing convicted adulterers, rapists, child-molesters and murderers as Bob (the adulterer & child abuser) preaches should be done according to God’s Commands in the Bible. In the ShadowGov, even if one member (especially the leader, Bob Enyart) commits a crime, the entire group proudly takes the credit and will collaborate together to cover-up the conspiracy.  When “anonymous” members write on behalf of the group, the language reflects several individuals who are involved as seen by the reference to “we” and “our” in the ransom letter.]  

                   "...At this time, we have your daughter in our posession (sic). 
She is safe and unharmed and if you want her to see 1997, 
you must follow our instructions to the letter..."

[*The group is known for using deliberate deception like misspellings or grammatical errors to throw people off with confusion and make the group look less intelligent. They are also pathological liars and well established “Christian” con-men, so nothing they say can be fully believed or trusted, especially the part about her being safe and unharmed.  This line, “you must follow our instructions to the letter” - Perhaps this means follow the “letters” in the instructions at the end signed after Victory! S.B.T.C or other coded clues? Maybe other coded “letters” that have been revealed in the “Clue That Breaks The Case” on ShadowGov?] 

    "...You will withdraw $118,000 from your account. 
$100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. 
Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank..."

[*Perhaps the $118,000 was overheard at their holiday party in conversation or could have been found out by a little research online?  Interesting symbolic Bible verse: Psalm 118 is also the center chapter of the Bible.  And the very center verse  the Bible reads this passage in Psalm 118:8, “It is better to trust in the Lord, Than to put confidence in man.”  Also, the number 8 is a symbol for an Infinite God - when you turn 8 sideways, it’s the symbol for infinity.  Pastor Bob frequently would teach about the significance of numbers in the Bible. Even more revealing is Psalm 118:27 - “And He has given us light; Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar.” 
- *BIND the SACRIFICE with CORDS to the HORN of the ALTAR - interesting verse.]

        "...When you get home, you will put the money in a brown paper bag. 
I will call you between 8 and 10 am tomorrow to instruct you on delivery.  
The delivery will be exhausting so I advise  you to be rested
If we monitor you getting the money early, we might call you early to 
arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence an earlier 
[delivery] pickup of your daughter.  Any deviation of my instructions will 
result in the immediate execution of your daughter…"

[*Sensationalized words like “deviation” or “execution” are similar to the harsh, demanding violent language frequently used by ShadowGov members to intimidate their victims into submission.  Death threats are commonly given to get their way. On Bob Enyart Live he mentions the word "execution" twice when he did a show on the Clue That Breaks The Case. Also, note that a “Large Brown Paper Bag” was found as a clue to the case in the Jessica Ridgeway abduction and dismemberment in Oct 2012.]

        "...You will also be denied her remains for proper burial
The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly 
like you so I advise you not to provoke them..."

[*ShadowGov has a dirty Sheriff’s deputy in Arapahoe County, Gordon Carroll in leadership and all Denver Bible Cult leaders believe they are on a mission from God  to “Rightly Judge” the sins of the world.  Bob Enyart, Doug McBurney or Ken Scott could be any one of the “two gentlemen” mentioned in the ransom note. On record, ShadowGov does have an aggressive criminal history and sexually abhorrent past of soliciting prostitutes, being addicted to pornography, using women, getting multiple divorces and physically abusing children while pretending to “protect the right to life” of the innocent babies who have no other voice. Those who “provoke” them suffer the consequences. There is no remorse for their criminal violence on record or by their fruit.  For decades, Bob Enyart has profited from other’s pain while exploiting women and children, and destroying entire innocent families for his own self-seeking cause.  Also note that through Enyart’s many phony pro-life rackets, hundreds of thousands of dollars are hustled from “Christian pro-life” supporters each year and those public donations are said to be used to “provoke confrontation” and “fight the enemy”  which the leaders determine are a threat to America that needs to be eliminated.  For nearly forty years since 1973, the radical anti-choice movement has served as domestic terrorists in their communities and hardened the hearts of a nation while their hypocritical cause to “protect life” continues to FAIL!]

    "...Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as Police, F.B.I., etc., 
will result in your daughter being beheaded..."

[*ShadowGov is known for using very unusual, inflammatory terms when referring to the murder of innocent children such as “dismember” “slaughter” or “rip the arms & legs off” to generate an emotional response from the public. The word “beheaded” is well within their vocabulary, so it fits perfectly when writing the ransom note.  They worship the bloody fetus, and recent ShadowGov “pro-life” recruits, “Dead Eyes” Keith & Jennifer Mason of PersonhooUSA had this photo taken. and posted publicly on Newsweek in June 2012 with a bloody headless fetus as the center-piece background.  This may have been the photographers mistake, but the idolatrous symbolism is more than creepy.]

          "...If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies
If you alert bank authorities, she dies
If the money is in any way marked or tampered with, she dies. 
  You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies..."  

[*ShadowGov is notorious for contradictions, repetition and threatening statements.  They will always repeat phrases they are guilty of and invent wild details that are designed to distract from the truth in the case. This deceptive delusion has been successfully used as *Red Herrings* for decades. After all, those who fight so hard to “protect the lives of innocent children” would never dare harm an innocent child, right?  Wrong - Dead Wrong!  They are expert Disinformationalists and satanic scam artists who have mastered the skill in suppressing the Truth and deceiving the public with demonic doctrine based on history of carefully crafted lies.  Again - on his ShadowGov page - Why did Bob Enyart leave out such huge critical portions of the ransom letter? Because those who know "pastor" Bob and the monster is really is in real life, would know this is how his mentally-ill, morally debased and delusional criminal mind operates.]

[*LOU SMIT: “Take a real close look at that ransom note. That ransom note is full of violence. It tells exactly what this person's going to do to JonBenet if everything doesn't go exactly right. Many references to death and dying. She'll be "beheaded." She'll "not see 1997." Her remains will "be denied you for her burial.  All violent references to the death of JonBenet. The person who killed JonBenet had it in his mind that if anything went wrong, he was going to kill her, and he did. I believe it is a man and I say that for a couple of reasons: No. 1, this person did sexually assault JonBenet. She was sexually assaulted that night. She did bleed, which means that it was done before she died. She was brutally struck on the head, a very, very violent blow -- very coordinated in order to do that with one shot. I believe that -- and the garrote was very deeply embedded in JonBenet's neck. There is male foreign DNA. I think it suggests strongly that it was a man, but I will not rule out the probability that it could be a man and a woman or even two men.”]

"...You can try to deceive us, but be warned we are familiar with 
Law enforcement countermeasures and tactics…"

[*Makes sense since Gordon Carroll is the Sheriff’s deputy who could have offered detailed tips on how to throw off the criminal investigation. He could point out what clues in the case they will look for, how to break and enter a home effectively or how to write bizarre ransom notes. This would also explain the access to a stun-gun and hi-tec boot footprint since these are police equipment.  Doug McBurney was also in the military and would have access to such equipment. Ken Scott was a self-appointed attorney and studied the law as he accumulated dozens of arrests, served multiple jail sentences and made countless court appearances.  Ken is a career criminal and master at mocking the system. Deputy Gordon could also have familiar influence in the Boulder PD which would plan to intentionally contaminate the crime scene, focus intensely on unjustly investigating the Ramseys while ignorantly ignoring the facts in the case or failing to follow standard detective police protocol.]

[*LOU SMIT: “I think that the stun gun is one of the best clues left behind by the killer, as far as a clue, not only into a possible way we can find him, because someone would probably have seen him with a stun gun, but it also may explain why JonBenet did not cry out when she was first abducted. There has been a lot of theories on the stun gun.”]

       "...You stand a 99% chance of killing your daughter if you try to out smart us.  Follow our instructions and you stand a 100% chance of getting her back. 
You and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities..."

[*ShadowGov leaders have a distorted grandiose self-made image of brilliance among the men who despise women and seek to control all aspects of life while leaving their signature of death. These men neglect and abuse their own children, then project blame and shame of their guilt and internal inadequacies onto innocent victims, particularly wholesome, undeserving Christian families. Enyart has made a life-long, profitable career from speaking lies in criminal hypocrisy and using “God’s Law” for a cover of self-appointed “Righteous Judgment” orchestrated and executed by his members. JonBenet was never meant to survive because the ransom note had so many unrealistic limitations that the parents could be blamed for not following the instructions to the letter. These religious terrorists generate their power by operating “anonymously” in the shadows while stalking their victims so no one can truly be identified or fully held accountable for the group’s individual criminal actions.]

       "...Don't try to grow a brain John.  You are not the only fat cat around 
so don't think that killing will be difficult.  Don't underestimate us John.  
Use that good, southern common sense of yours.  It's up to you now John!..."

[*ShadowGov mafia always uses belittling terms against their targets to avoid the Truth and feed their ego. Terms like “idiot,” “stupid & slow,” "mentally-ill" or “paranoid & delusional” are frequently used to attack the character of their victims and to puff themselves up to feel superior and intelligent. Enyart shows particular envy and contempt for John Ramsey’s successful computer business because Enyart is such royal FAILURE at everything he does in real life from work to relationships. At the very least, Bob Adolph Enyart is a Serial Relationship Killer with the mind-control ability of Manson who dictates commands and influences the destruction of families.  Bob Enyart's "prolife" war is similar to Manson's race war of the 1960s.  Baseless insults like "don't grow a brain" are given because Bob is enraged by those who work hard and succeed the honest way since it reflects his own inadequate life as an absolute failure.

The group also uses language like “bad cats” to refer to criminals, particularly when staging a vandalism attack against the home of the Masons of PersonhoodUSA and falsely accusing former friends, the Kekoas who became whistle-blowers and began exposing the group as Criminals & Frauds.  Many individuals in the group at Denver Bible Cult have also conspired to make false reports of child abuse against the Kekoas, asking Social Services and the online public to re-open the case after it was closed and UNFOUNDED. Among various false accusations of mental illness, drug abuse, and neglect, Enyart's cult closed the alert by saying, “We wonder how children die”  suggesting the parents are dangerous child-killers and the six “abused” children need to be “protected” by Pastor Bob Enyart and the Elders of Denver Bible Church.

*See also: A synopsis of the Judi Chase story, a chilling expose that uncovers: a Satanic pedophile ring in Denver known as "The Fat Cats," pass-through nannies, staged adoptions, illicit baby brokering, murder, "legal" kidnapping, drug dealing, institutional stonewalling and a massive cover-up.]

"...Victory!  S.B.T.C"

[*As many Christians may know, it is through Christ's sacrifice on the cross that we have “Victory in Jesus” over death from our sins. The letters S.B.T.C. were reported to mean "Saved By The Cross" because the Ramseys profess to have faith in God and because word "Victory" precedes the initials S.B.T.C.  It was also reported that John Mark Karr made references to himself saying, “I Shall Be The Conqueror” - We do know that he was a sexual pervert who probably liked to conquer children. But neither fit the nature of this crime.

*S.B.T.C = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* as a copy-cat of the BTK killer (Bind Torture Kill), since Bob Enyart was likely inspired by Dennis Rader.  Bob also mentions specific strangeling methods similar to the JonBenet murder gathered from the book, 'Mindhunter' by John Douglas (released Aug 1, 1996).  What complete “Victory” for a monstrously contagious "Christian" underground network known as the ShadowGov to pull off the crime of the century while hiding in plain sight, visible online, preaching up at the pulpit & protesting in public against the "child-killers"?  ShadowGov has the perfect profile pretending to be devout “pro-life” followers of Jesus Christ fighting for the fundamental God-given right to life, declaring Personhood of the innocent unborn children all across the USA while perpetrating the very crazy crimes they claim to condemn.

*S.B.T.C - It seems likely those “letters” could also mean any one of the following variations of cruelty and child sacrifice: “Sin Bound Total Control” or darker references to Sadomasochism w/ Babies Thank Christ...” - “Sacrifice Bind Tiny Children” - Self-Bondage Toward Children” - “Submission Bondage Tie Cords” - Satan’s Blood The Champion” or something comparable to those-Take your pick, only the murderers know what the letters mean for sure.  *See also the meaning of BDSM for clues - The “letters” definitely give some-kind of instructions leading to sexual violence and torture against children.  

ShadowGov is a group of impulsive, egotistical misogynistic individuals professing to be “Pro-life Christians,” but the truth should be known that they are really dangerous religious psychopath predators who have been operating this scam in secret for nearly two decades because they are above suspicion.  The Ultimate “Victory” for them is getting away with sacrificing the life of an innocent female child in the midnight hour on the night of Christ, the Savior's birth, Dec 25th. This was also a political statement in protest of the Boulder Police department for letting abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern get away with "child-killing" at his clinic.  Consider the extreme level of hypocrisy from the “pro-life” pastor, Bob Enyart’s violent criminal history of harassment and “Cruelty Towards a Child” convictions already on his record. And when you combine the long criminal history of the ShadowGov homicidal individuals who were already at odds with the system, this places them as key suspects right at the scene of the crime.] 

*In the end, S.B.T.C = Shadowgov Breaks The Case!

*In the killer's own words: 
- by Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church (Cult)
*Listen online at KGOV.com to “The Clue That Breaks The Case” on his radio show Bob Enyart Live (Sept 14, 2006 & re-run Dec 25, 2006)


*Listen again online to Bob Enyart LIES: (Jan 29, 2013 and hear examples on Part 2 of this program about how "pastor" Bob believes the Ramsey's are guilty of murdering their daughter.)

*Read words from the Legend Detective on the Ramsey case, LOU SMIT: 



    Maybe someone from the Boulder PD should go ask Dr. Warren Hern what he thinks the ShadowGov mafia were up to late December 1996?

    Special Report prepared for JoAnn Harris, Director, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. - January 6, 1995

    “...The level of anti-abortion activity has long since passed the situation of peaceful demonstrations of people expressing their point of view. This is no longer about free speech. It is about behavior that is meant to inflict pain, terror, intimidation, and, in some cases, death...It must be recognized that anti-abortion demonstrators and fanatic followers are, with few exceptions, absolutely ruthless, unscrupulous, pitiless, and driven by hatred. They are willing to accept any level of violence not to mention social disruption and imposition of emotional pain to reach their goals...

    Much of this hate rhetoric inciting to violence goes out over the nation's airwaves and is protected speech. This rhetoric has given powerful psychological permission to radical anti-abortion groups and individuals to step up their violent campaigns...

    A face-to-face conspiracy to commit political crimes is no longer necessary. All the leaders have to do is to use the airwaves to identify the targets. This is electronic fascism and terrorism.

    ...The anti-abortion movement, and especially its appropriation of legitimate religious expression for sinister and basically seditious, terrorist purposes...In fact, the use of free speech and freedom of religion by anti-abortion demagogues is dangerous to the lives and liberty of many peaceful U.S. citizens...

    Every anti-abortion demonstrator must now be considered armed, dangerous and a potential assassin until proven otherwise. The anti-abortion movement must be considered the source and spawning ground of a violent, terrorist movement which threatens the social fabric and civil society of laws of the United States. It is a greater threat to personal security than any foreign enemy of the United States. That it is intimately connected to a larger political movement and benefits a particular political party is a separate issue.”

    Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

    1. Denver Westword 1997 -- The Fight of Their Lives
      Dr. Warren Hern ranks high on the anti-abortionists' hit list. They're playing Ken Scott's song

      *August 16, 1994 - Compare the aggressive language and violent threatening style of writing of the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note to this death threat addressed to late-term abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado which states:

      "Doctor: As you must be acutely aware, there is an underground network forming that is monstrously contagious. The objective: to stop the murderous medical and non-medical persons such as yourself blatantly interfering with the right to life of innocents in the womb.

      What with the pro-choice feminist groups and their ilk, the evil government objectives and hidden agendas, certain Americans have decided that we too can be pro-choice. Pro-choice enough to take out a number of you abortionists at the same time all around the country no matter where you are. You have been selected by a random poll and fit all the criteria needed to qualify for this event.

      Careful to take note, bullet-proof vests are not enough to protect guilty murderers. There are other areas on the body that invite fatal wounds...

      All abortion laws are unjust, therefore ALL abortionists are fair game. It's a simple concept growing...All Hell is going to break loose and you will have a front row seat!"


    2. WATCH: "DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE" - http://youtu.be/o8-2Y7-9JNU



      DOB 1-10-59 | Social Security # 152-60-4382 | FBI # 678532LA7 | CO License # CO368941



      Watch videos "pro-life" cult leader Bob Enyart (the inadequate little bitch serial killer) can't do a thing about here: BOB ENYART LIES PLAYLIST

      Google "Bob Enyart 666 Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"


  2. TIC-TOC-KNOCK-KNOCK - Bob Enyart...So what does it feel like to be watched by the FBI and all surrounding police jurisdictions every single moment of your last remaining days?  Stressful to say the least, I bet. Do religious psychopaths like you get stressed out with all that scheming, scandals and fraudulent identities to maintain around the clock?  Or are you merely consumed with FEAR constantly now that it's been confirmed?

    > Have they come for your "small foreign faction" DNA yet? Have to wonder why not... Don't you think it's time to take off the mask "Kirk" & X-pose that MONSTER hiding in the closet?  Grow a pair already & turn yourself into the cops, child-killer...You've been caught in cold-blood Robert Adolph Enyart - 6*6*6!

    Everyone knows who you are, ShadowLurker Daxis & what you've done to Dylan Redwine, JonBenet Ramsey & Jessica Ridgeway...Not to mention your poor ex-wives and countless other innocent victims who suffered at the hands of your deluded criminal conspiracies!  Where is Cheryl #3 anyway?  Has JeffCo Social Services come to examine the boys of the convicted child abuser yet? Or did they meet the fate of a killer dad. Amazing how the tables have turned in just two years and how "One day ALL secrets will be revealed..." - just as you said, pastor.

    Time to confess coward, and admit that your ShadowGov strategy & "brilliant" plan to take America back has FAILED & BACKFIRED for the last time.  Whatcha got left to lose in your miserable life now?  What's left? No friends. No church. No more radio show. PersonhoodUSA has failed for good...it's all gone! No one respects your work, especially those closest to you. In Fact - Everyone HATES you, God certainly does. And those that don't despise you, it's only because they don't know of you...Yet. PATHETIC LOSER!  You're done. Give up. It's over for you, Bobby boy.

    You KILLED all the relationships in your life with your LIES in hypocrisy, and you destroyed everything in your self-seeking path of demonic deception! - You cannot manipulate people's minds anymore, pastor, and each passing day presents new great dangers for you as millions of honest, God fearing, American citizens want your head on a platter or a millstone around your neck - *RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT* - Remember that, Bad Boy?  So watcha gonna do when they come for you?  Save yourself the royal embarrassment...You will be brought to SHAME & calamity will come suddenly...suddenly you will be broken without remedy!

    Either turn yourself into BoulderPD you sadistic, child-raping murderer, and confess to your crimes against humanity - OR - Please do us all a favor & KILL YOURSELF - For Real!
    We're totally good with either choice you make - Just put us all out of our misery - OK?!

    YAY You're finally gonna be famous after all these years of FRAUD & FAILURE ~ SMILE! 
    You're Welcome, Bob! :-)

    VICTORY ~ Love Dani,
    Your former most devoted fan, now turned into your very worst enemy!

    1. Snapshots of posts & Private messages with TROLLS vs. The Kekoas - the conspiracy continues....

      8-17-13 -- Cache FALSE ALERT TO CPS AGAINST KEKOAS - Bob Enyart TROLL = "Michelle Smith" to Calling Mark Redwine

      8-25-2013 -- Facebook Private Message - Curtis Kekoa III v. Calling Mark Redwine = Bob Enyart Lil' Hitler 666 GO TO SLEEP - BLOCKED

      8-25-13 -- ITS WAR F-YOU FAKEBOOK - CHILD KILLERS IN CO = BOB ENYART = TROLL Calling Mark Redwine


      8-26-13 -- Cache ALERT Facebook - The hate page Calling Mark Redwine TROLL = Dylan's KILLER - Find Missing Dylan Redwine

      8-27-13 -- TROLL Secret Squirrel - ALERT Facebook Kekoas post - JonBenet Ransom Note - Tag I'm it - Calling Mark Redwine = Bob Enyart DYLAN'S KILLER



    *JONBENET RAMSEY & DYLAN REDWINE MURDER Suspects=Religious Psychopaths, SERIAL RAPISTS & CHILD KILLERS in the DENVER AREA who are AFRAID of the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA!
    DOB: 1-10-59 - SS# 152-60-4382 -FBI# - 678532LA7 - CO License# - CO368941 Denver Bible CULT tollfree 1-800-836-9278 OTHER #s 303 463-7789, 303-883-2435 Call his Google# 720-515-5468 email: BobEnyart@gmail.com | Bob@KGOV.com -BURN IN HELL BOB! - Watch =>http://youtu.be/UrGpEcq28OQ

    Protest Bob's home addresses or personally bring him to justice: 6126 BRAUN COURT, ARVADA CO, 80004 -ROBERT A ENYART 8602 YUKON ST ARVADA CO 80005 - BOB ENYART INC 215 TONN VALLEY DR BOX 3639 EVERGREEN, CO 80437

    And listen to DenverBibleChurch.org cult leader Bob Enyart's LIES on the web at KGOV.com, and call Bob’s show 670 AM weekdays at 1‑800‑8Enyart at 3:00 p.m. Cult & studio located off of 72nd & Oak Street in Arvada, CO - UNLESS IT FAILED?

    That closet case catamite Doug McBurney is GUILTY of MURDERING & MOLESTING Kids & he's pissing his pants right now cuz a homeschooling "pothead" mom of 6 has him by the nuts. Contact this sick twisted pedophile & tell him to KILL HIMSELF cuz the FBI is coming for SuperPsychoChild-Killers & EVERYONE wants him DEAD! Doug & Takako McBurney home address: 15589 E. Dorado Place, Centennial, CO 80015 | Call hm# 303-862-9206 cell# 303-775-8467 wk#303-489-9203 | Email: dougmcburney@gmail.com, takachan333@yahoo.com

    10141 Wolff Street, Westminster, CO 80031
    (Owns property on Fir Drive in Winterpark, CO)
    Phone #’s: 303-404-3333, 303-550-8170, 303-501-4706
    Ken & Jo Scott’s Email: kenandjo.Scott@gmail.com

    Help Bring the Bowman's to Justice:
    Kimberly Kay & Scott Bowman
    370 ZANG ST 7-103
    LAKEWOOD CO 80228

    Phone #'s: 303-903-9851 | 303-685-8265
    Email: kb103@comcast.net | scottb39@comcast.net

    Kimberly Kay Bowman - DOB 10/26/64 - Married 4 times - Multiple Abortions - Maiden name is Kimberly Kay Kauffman = *KKK* = KRAZY Kidnapper Kim
    Google "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman"

  4. JonBenet Ramsey Murder Fast Facts
    By CNN Library
    updated 2:02 PM EDT, Thu August 29, 2013


    (www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com - Bob Enyart is a convicted child abuser in Colorado)

    (CNN) -- Here is some background information about the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. The six-year-old beauty pageant queen was found murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home on December 26, 1996. No one has ever been charged in the case, and the investigation is still open. Early suspicion fell on her parents, but they were exonerated after DNA found at the scene was found to belong to a male unrelated to the Ramsey family.

    Birth date: August 6, 1990

    Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia

    Parents: John and Patricia "Patsy" Ramsey

    Siblings: Burke Ramsey, January 27,1987; John Andrew Ramsey, July 24, 1976 (half-brother); Melinda Ramsey Long, November 14, 1971 (half-sister); Elizabeth Ramsey, d. 1992 at age 22 (half-sister)

    Other Facts:
    JonBenet was named after her father, John Bennett Ramsey, and her name is pronounced in a French style. (zhawn ben-AY)

    She won the following beauty pageants - Little Miss Colorado, Little Miss Charlevoix, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, America's Royale Miss, and National Tiny Miss Beauty.

    She is buried in Marietta, Georgia, beside her mother, who died from ovarian cancer in 2006, and her half-sister Elizabeth Ramsey, who died in a car crash in 1992.

    December 26, 1996 - JonBenet Ramsey is murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home.
    - Her mother, Patsy, states that she found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for JonBenet's return.
    - JonBenet's body is found in her basement that same day.

    January 4, 1997 - Reports reveal that JonBenet's skull had been fractured, and the ransom note came from a notepad from the Ramseys' home.

    December 1997 - A year after the murder, Boulder police indicate John and Patsy Ramsey remain under "an umbrella of suspicion," and will be questioned again.

    October 13, 1999 - District Attorney Alex Hunter states that no indictments will be issued due to a lack of evidence in the case.

    April 2003 - Judge Julie Carnes in Atlanta dismisses a federal civil suit against John and Patsy Ramsey after concluding that evidence supports the theory of an intruder murdering JonBenet and not that her mother, Patsy, was involved.

    December 2003 - DNA found at the scene is submitted to the FBI database. Earlier blood tests showed the sample was from a male who was unrelated to the Ramseys.

    August 16, 2006 - Officials announce that 41-year-old John Mark Karr has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, as a suspect in the case. Karr states that he was present when JonBenet died, and that he loved her and her death was an accident.
    - Karr is an elementary school teacher, divorced, father of three sons, and has been recently living in Bangkok, Thailand.

    August 28, 2006 - The Boulder County District Attorney decides not to charge Karr in connection with the JonBenet Ramsey murder, after DNA tests confirm that he isn't a match to the evidence found at the crime scene.

    July 9, 2008 - Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said no one in the Ramsey family is considered a suspect and formally apologized in a letter to John Ramsey for the cloud of suspicion his family has lived under for nearly 12 years.

    February 2009 - The Boulder Police Department resumes its status as the lead agency investigating the case.

    October 2, 2010 - Police investigators conduct new rounds of interviews.

    January 27, 2013 - The Boulder Daily Camera reports that in 1999 the grand jury voted to indict John and Patsy Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death, but Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter decided there was not enough evidence to file charges and did not sign the indictment.

  5. ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART ARREST RECORD: (http://url.ie/igt6)






    SEE-- Robert "Bob" Adolph Enyart Child Abuse Presentence Report Case #94M2658 Jefferson County CO 4/27/95: (http://url.ie/ipsa)

    ALL ENYART RECORDS: (http://url.ie/igt5)

    ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART et al -- Timeline -- 1987-Present by Curtis Kekoa III (Given to Boulder PD October 2012): (http://url.ie/ipsb)

  6. "If the whole truth could be discerned, it would explain every piece of evidence, because real events produced every bit of the crime scene. Sometimes, a single key opens many doors, and one piece pulls the puzzle together. JonBenet’s murderer inadvertently put the key piece of evidence into the ransom note."
    -- ShadowGov.com 1999, The Clue That Breaks The Case - by Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult




    Thank God for Bob!
    Bob Enyart is pro-life, pro-death (penalty) and anti-gay, and now he wants to take over the country.
    By Michael Roberts Thursday, Dec 16 1999


    The two boys wound up in Enyart's orbit like so: After Enyart's late-Eighties divorce from Krista, whose death earlier this year (the family has asked that its cause be kept private) resulted in Bob's getting sole custody of Josiah and Nathaniel, and a brief second marriage ("I was desperately lonely, but I was also on the rebound," Enyart says), he met and fell for Cheryl Mayns, John's ex-wife. Before long, they were engaged, and Enyart began taking a fatherly interest in Cheryl's kids. This concern was expressed on June 24, 1994, after Stephen, then seven, failed to get into the shower as promptly as he should have. Enyart's response? Mayns says, "He stripped him down naked, bent him over my ex-wife's bed and then beat him with one of her belts."

    Shortly thereafter, a concerned Anthony called his father and said that something awful had happened to Stephen. Lieutenant Mayns rushed over to Enyart's home and asked to examine Stephen for injuries. He found some. "Obviously, this was no spanking. There was some broken skin, welts, and you could see the imprint of the stitching off of the belt very clearly."

    Predictably, Enyart finds Lieutenant Mayns's account hysterically overstated; he says that while he lowered Stephen's trousers to administer his belting, he didn't strip him, and he insists that the discipline on the boy produced three modest welts, nothing more.

    Nevertheless, this incident and a subsequent one that took place in Colorado Springs led to numerous trials that finally, finally, finally resulted in Enyart spending fifty days in the Jefferson County Correctional Facility this spring.

  8. Serial Child Killers in CO:
    When History Repeats Itself, Will We Notice?  Watch new video by Chess Versus Checkers here => http://youtu.be/MTuRTPtPetw 

    Who Murdered JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine? Ask "Pastor" Bob Enyart, He Knows -- Call Bob Enyart LIES at 1-800-8-ENYART & tell him to turn himself into the FBI or MORE KIDS WILL DIE.

    "VICTORY, S.B.T.C" = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* & Shadowgov Breaks The Case

    Psalm 118:27 "Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar."

    "When the suspect's background, post-murder behavior, and physical evidence are put together, the identity of this monster will be clear to someonewho knows him."
    ~ The Ramseys

    ....AND WE KNOW EXACTLY WHO THAT MONSTER IS = *R*O*B*E*R*T *A*D*O*L*P*H *E*N*Y*A*R*T = *6*6*6* = *DAXIS* = *SON of SATAN* waiting for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed & Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for this notorious crime and many more crimes against children.

    THE WORLD'S MOST EVIL SERIAL CHILD- KILLER is ShadowGov Founder: "Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO 
    DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | SSN# 152-60-4382

    *Google: "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"
    "Bob Enyart Jessica Ridgeway"
    "Bob Enyart Austin Reed Sigg"
    "Bob Enyart Dylan Redwine"
    "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman"
    "Bob Enyart Child Abuse" (click images too)

    X-Pose the TRUTH:

  9. *ATTENTION Westminster PD: By now you should be well aware of a greater underground conspiracy to kidnap and murder Jessica Ridgeway, and the evidence should point to the fact that the 17 year boy, Austin Reed Sigg did not act alone, but rather was coerced into confessing to this crime with "proof" by the same group of individuals who organized JonBenet Ramsey's murder in 1996 and got John Mark Karr to falsely confess. Since these individuals are "experienced" killers who were expected to strike again, consequently as a result, Dylan Redwine was abducted and murdered just weeks after Sigg's arrest because the community was lead to believe we could "rest a little safer" now that the violent "predator" Sigg was off the streets away from stalking little kids. For two weeks prior to Sigg's "confession" Westminster Detectives were informed of these dangerous criminals: Twice convicted child-abuser Robert Adolph Enyart (DOB 1-10-59) from Arvada, and his co-conspirator Kimberly Kay Bowman (10-26-64), but neither have been questioned nor have they been eliminated as suspects. This leaves them free to victimize others online with their elaborate schemes, putting our entire community at great risk. One can only speculate as to why the police have not yet followed up on these tips this past year, but the fact still remains that there are serial child-killers in our CO community who will continue to strike again, and most likely they run this following page (in addition to dozens of others):

    If you haven't already done this by now, please look into the authentic ownership of the web admin behind the www.JessicaRigeway.com page and verify with the Ridgeway family that this person "Stephan Teske" is someone who is genuinely related and can be 100% trusted. As history repeats itself, we don't believe this person is sincere, but rather a criminal fraud who has a deep-rooted interest in misleading the investigation. Based on our private communications with this individual "Stephano" and based on the post-murder behavior pattern we've observed online for 24 months, we have strong reason to believe that this is one of the suspects who are involved in covering up the conspiracy against Jessica Ridgeway. Whoever runs this page is controlling the information online, censoring the truth and gaining the trust of their victims and general public by operating the very page thought to be approved of by the Ridgeway family as a mission of "Justice for Jessica." This is DANGEROUS & this new evidence needs to be entered into the upcoming trail for Austin Reed Sigg so this young boy can be awarded a fair defense as our system demands. (To make sure justice prevails, we plan to release all of our recordings with the police proving that the detectives know about the real suspects, then we'll let the public judge for themselves if Sigg acted alone.)
    (cont below...)

    1. The following technical information regarding JessicaRidgeway.com can be found on www.networksolutions.com

      Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
      Updated Date: 2012-10-08 17:46:04
      Admin Name: Stephan Teske
      Admin Organization:
      Admin Street: 615 Merlin Dr
      Admin Street: # 305
      Admin City: Lafayette
      Admin State/Province: Colorado
      Admin Postal Code: 80026
      Admin Country: United States
      Admin Phone: (303) 260-9037
      Admin Fax:
      Admin Email: stephan.teske@gmail.com
      Stephan Teske: (303)507-4776 Cell

      Registrant Name: Stephan Teske
      Registrant Organization:
      Registrant Street: 615 Merlin Dr
      Registrant Street: #207
      Registrant City: Lafayette
      Registrant State/Province: Colorado
      Registrant Postal Code: 80026
      Registrant Country: United States

      -- The webpage was registered Monday 10/8/12, three days after Jessica Ridgeway went missing on Friday 10/5/12.
      (Note: The "Find Missing Jessica Ridgeway" Facebook was launched by Kimberly Kay Bowman just 60 seconds AFTER the WestminsterPD Tweeted the Amber Alert which went out at 9:15pm on Oct 5, 2012.)

      -- There are two addresses listed for the owner of jessicaridgeway.com: 615 Merlin Dr, #305; and 615 Merlin Dr, #207.

      -- A search for these addresses on the Boulder County Assessor website (http://maps.bouldercounty.org/boco/emapping/) yields no results for this address.

      -- A search for the name "Teske" (http://maps.bouldercounty.org/boco/emapping/) also yields no results for that address.



    2. From: Dani Kekoa
      Date: Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 3:49 PM
      Subject: Re: *WARNING: www.JessicaRidgeway.com page is run by a CRIMINAL FRAUD = "Stephan Teske" - DO NOT TRUST THIS PAGE OWNER!
      To: Stephanos Teske

      Where's your PROOF?  Nothing about you can be verified, "Stephano" certainly not your web domain name for www.JessicaRidgeway.com or the address it's linked to. Send me links to all the articles and television interviews you are seen on from the Denver Post, KMGH, KDVR, Good Morning America, and other media outlets, then we'll go from there.  Otherwise, I'll be calling Chief Birk in the morning to verify your story. 

      On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Stephanos Teske stephan.teske@gmail.com wrote:

      I suppose you did not see me in interviews on television, in the Denver Post, on KMGH, KDVR, on Good Morning America, and other media outlets. I am, not only a real person, but I am closely related to Jessica's Mother and the rest of the Ridgeway family. The website has is not only valid, but has been monitored by members of the Westminster PD. I do not even have to tell you any of this, however I have been getting intel on you and who you are, including all of the emails you have sent me. 

      At first I thought you were a harmless person, trying to let people know about how you felt about things. Now I have a great understanding of who you are and what your intentions are. If you try to accuse me of something again I will sue you for slander, libel and and any other unlawful claims you make. I will use the full extent of the law. 

       I have purchased the rights to www.DaniKekoa.com and I will be posting the chain of email you have sent me so that people will know what our exchange has been and they can decide for themselves just who the type of person you are. You will be able to still use your 1st amendment rights to express your feelings, and if the people you are accusing choose not to sue you, then that is there decision. I will only post truthful things on the website. I will not make up any lies or claims of something you have not done. I will simply post the truth. If you accuse me I will take legal action. 

      Please continue emailing the Westminster Police Department and members of the City of Westminster, if you wish. I have met with many of them over the last year and many of them know who I am. I have met with Chief Birk on more than a few occasions with The Ridgeway family as well as the director for parks and recreations in Colorado. 

      I tell you what.... Since I am all about forgiveness, as a Christian, I am going to give you the opportunity to apologize. I do not wish to cause you harm, however I think that if the truth I have found out about you comes out, it may hurt you emotionally. I think you know what I am talking about, but if you dont know.... or dont care than just let me know. I will have the website ready by Wednesday.  Its all up to you.  

      On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 3:35 PM, Stephanos Teske stephan.teske@gmail.com wrote:
      Also John Mark Karr confessed so that he could avoid Child Rape Charges in Thailand..... 

  10. In response to the email exposing Enyart as a serial child killer, here was "Stephanos" response:

    On Sep 19, 2013 9:00 PM, "Stephanos Teske" stephan.teske@gmail.com wrote:
    > Dani,
    > I respect your freedom of speech.However accusing someone with a criminal event with no basis is considered libel per se, which you can be sued. Also it is a federal crime to send me his social security number. I will have to turn this over to the proper authorities. 


    On Sep 19, 2013 9:36 PM, "Dani Kekoa" wrote:
    Federal offense, eh "Stephanos"? No basis? Why won't Enyart sue us then? Here's why: Cuz he knows he's guilty of MURDER and for an Admin who is about "Justice for Jessica" I would think you would care more? Looks like I'll contact the proper authorities as well. We already contacted Siggs attorneys.

    Here is the contact info for some of the Police Departments in CO we have spoken to this past year for you to verify our story:
    (We have recordings of everything to prove it, so if you're interested in listening to them before they go public, please let me know.)

    WestminsterPD Detective Russ Johnson: 303-658-4360
    WestminsterPD Detective Dave Galbraith: 303-658-4234
    BoulderPD Detective Foster: 303-441-4329
    BoulderPD Chief Beckner & Commander Stewart: 303-441-3300 or 303-442-3333
    LaPlata County Sheriff's Detective Tom Cowing: 970-382-7045 or 970-382-7015
    NorthglennPD Officer DiGiovanni: 303-450-8892 ext. 8341
    NorthglennPD Officer J. Burke: 303-450-8892 ext. 8449 
    (Kekoa's Case# in Northglenn: #156CN12001721)
    We also contacted Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler who prosecuted Bob Enyart for child abuse in 1999. 
    Brauchler's contact info is: 720-874-8500

    This following message has gone out to thousands of people and posted online, but Bob Enyart and Kim Bowman refuse to respond to these allegations against them because they are GUILTY and are skilled in framing innocent people like Austin Sigg & John Ramsey:

    Serial Child Killers in CO who now use Facebook to target their victims: When History Repeats Itself, Will We Notice? Watch new video by Chess Versus Checkers here => http://youtu.be/MTuRTPtPetw 

    Who Murdered JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway & Dylan Redwine? Ask "Pastor" Bob Enyart, He Knows -- Call Bob Enyart LIES at 1-800-8-ENYART & tell him to turn himself into the FBI or MORE KIDS WILL DIE.

  11. On Sep 19, 2013 10:12 PM, "Stephanos Teske" stephan.teske@gmail.com wrote:

    > Dani, 

    > I was referring to the fact that no charges have been brought upon him. If you have this "evidence" then why hasn't he been arrested? I guess the Police are in on it too huh? How about the FBI? they in on it too? Maybe this one goes all the way to the top... President Obama huh? 
    > All I am saying is that I have seen your posts all over the place,I have as of yet to see 1 shred of evidence that you "claim" to have. Now if you actually had any evidence this would be a different story, so where is it? 
    > Yes it is a federal crime to relay someones social security number without their permission, unless it has become public domain.  I suspect that he hasn't sued you because you likely do not have much money to recoup for it. It is also possible that no one really cares what you are saying. 
    > Most people who have contacted me about your postings think that you may have a mental illness and I really encourage you to seek professional help. 


    On Sep 19, 2013 10:16 PM, "Dani Kekoa" wrote:

    ~ Dani

    X-Pose the TRUTH

    1.  On Sep 22, 2013 6:36 PM, "Dani Kekoa" wrote:
      I'm contacting Chief Birk first thing tomorrow about who you are "Stephanos" and your connections to Jessica Ridgeway's murder.  Meet me face to face at the WestminsterPD if you want to prove you are a "real person" - bring your good friend Sarah Ridgeway too, it will be good to see her again.

      ~ Dani

      THE WORLD'S MOST EVIL SERIAL CHILD- KILLER is ShadowGov.com Founder: 
      "Pastor" Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO 
      DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | SSN# 152-60-4382

      To this very day, "pro-life pastor" Bob Enyart and his ShadowGov associates, including Kimberly Kay Bowman have refused to address these murderous allegations, nor have they even attempted to clear their name with the police. Meanwhile these cyber-criminals are still exploiting missing and dead children online and trying to frame innocent fathers like Mark Redwine.  Even more disturbing is the fact that the FBI has known about this for nearly ONE FULL YEAR, since Jessica Ridgeway first went missing, yet none of these suspects have been cleared. ANY QUESTIONS AMERICA?  

       *Google: "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note" "Bob Enyart Jessica Ridgeway" "Bob Enyart Austin Reed Sigg" "Bob Enyart Dylan Redwine" 
      "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman" "Bob Enyart Child Abuse" (click images too)


  12. http://www.dailycamera.com/guest-opinions/ci_24389428/stan-garnett-boulder-district-attorney-jonbenet-ramsey-case

    Guest Opinion
    Boulder DA Stan Garnett: Another perspective on release of Ramsey indictment
    By Stan Garnett, For the Camera | Posted: 10/27/2013 01:00:00 AM MDT

    The lessons for a district attorney from the tragic murder of JonBenet Ramsey are many. I have studied this case closely both before and after becoming DA.

    The first lesson is the incomparable value of jury trials. Jury trials are public and fair: all witnesses are subject to cross examination and the ultimate decision makers are juries: people with no stake in the matter who have heard all the evidence. An excellent DA's office must have a cadre of top trial lawyers, capable of ethically presenting tough cases to juries, which requires practice and skill.

    The over 200 felony jury trials that my office has handled since 2009, including nearly 15 homicides, represents more than three times the average number of cases tried annually in this judicial district in the 20 years prior to my taking office. Without a verdict at a jury trial, or a plea of guilty, the justice system provides no meaningful resolution of any particular case.

    Because no case has ever been brought against anyone in Ramsey, the community has had no resolution and the tabloid press has been free to speculate, sometimes recklessly, based on only parts of the evidence. There has been no public airing of all the evidence in open court, nor can there be, unless and until a case is filed, which has been an understandable frustration to the community.

    Second is the importance of law enforcement relationships. The Boulder DA must have strong relations with all 10 agencies with which it works. Up and down the chain of command, my staff works closely advising, training and listening to the sheriff, police departments, state patrol, FBI and DEA and we have a strict on-call protocol to advise police 24/7 and immediately send senior lawyers to all significant crime scenes.

    Third is the importance of having excellent grand jury lawyering. Though this judicial district, as one of Colorado's largest, has for decades had the statutory right to a standing grand jury, until 2009, the grand jury was used only sporadically. Since 2009, my office has handled regular grand jury cases and returned over 20 public indictments, mainly on complex cases.

    1. (CONT.)

      Finally, it's important to understand the proper role of the DA in the justice system. A DA's job is to file cases where ethical standards are met and to pursue them to justice. District attorneys are not priests; our job is not to forgive, and rarely to "exonerate", and straying from this role can be very confusing to the public and can create false impressions of certainty about uncertain evidence, subject to conflicting inferences, that has never been presented and tested in open court. Under our system of justice everyone is presumed innocent (or, is "exonerated" ), unless charges are brought and there is a conviction by a jury in open court.

      Which brings me to the "true bills" from the Ramsey grand jury. I became aware of the existence of these documents when I took office in 2009. I asked my appellate department to review them and was told that they related to charges for which the statute of limitations had run years ago. My staff evaluated the Ramsey case to determine if there was any charge for which the statute of limitations had not run and for which there was conclusive evidence. Because there was none, we focused on other matters (including four murders we tried in 2009, two of which were cold cases). My, or my staff's view of what the evidence in the Ramsey case proves will only be stated in open court if a case is ever filed. In the meantime, everyone, including the Ramsey family, is entitled to the full presumption of innocence.

      When the plaintiffs in the recent lawsuit first requested these documents, I checked with investigators as to whether such disclosure would jeopardize the investigation. Being assured that it would not, as the custodian of these archival documents, I responded repeatedly to the plaintiffs that I would not release any document absent a court order to do so, both to protect the viability of grand jury secrecy and due to the extremely unusual nature of this situation for which there is virtually no legal precedent anywhere. When ordered by Judge Lowenbach to do so, we turned over the documents.

      These documents mean that this grand jury believed there was "probable cause" (a lower threshold standard of proof than "beyond a reasonable doubt" ) based on the evidence they had heard, that the named defendants had committed the crimes listed. That they were not pursued within the statute of limitations means that the DAs with the authority to do so believed that the evidence did not rise to the necessary level to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a jury trial. I don't know if I would have made the same decision, but I know how difficult these decisions are.

      I will continue, together with my excellent staff, to focus on the cases where we can take action, taking as many as possible to jury trial, as we continue to have the honor to serve the people of the 20th Judicial District.

      Stan Garnett is the Boulder County District Attorney.

    2. http://www.dailycamera.com/guest-opinions/ci_24389428/stan-garnett-boulder-district-attorney-jonbenet-ramsey-case

      From the comments section:

      gdhtsbb ·

      Garnett: "My, or my staff's view of what the evidence in the Ramsey case proves will only be stated in open court if a case is ever filed [...] I will continue, together with my excellent staff, to focus on the cases where we can take action, taking as many as possible to jury trial." Doesn't appear JBR is one of those cases.

      Like the Boulder PD who are doing other things unrelated to the JBR case ("not actively being investigated"), sounds like this nut is too tough for Garnett to crack. He should pass it off to another special prosecutor—DA George Brauchler of 18th JD perhaps? He's an intelligent man with integrity, and he's got BALLS, too. Probably be governor someday.

      Boulder PD: "The status of the Ramsey investigation today is that of a cold case. The case is still open, but is not actively being investigated and there are no new leads."

      This must make John Ramsey feel good, knowing that the police and DA are ho-humming around with his daughter's murder investigation. Reminds me to never be found murdered in Boulder.

      So now all of the sudden the Boulder PD is telling the truth? Really? You guys are taking a blow on this one while the killer is still out there reading about himself and how he got one over on the Boulder PD, the DA AND ESPECIALLY John and Patsy Ramsey who were both re-victimized thanks to the PARTIAL release of this indictment? "Not actively being investigated?" WTF? You guys on vacation or something? You need some help? This is the most news about JonBenet since the John Mark Karr snafu, and you guys are breaking for "NO NEW LEADS?" Come again?

      Chief Beckner and DA Garnett were singing a different tune in 2009:

      "JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation will move to the jurisdiction of the Boulder Police Department" | Feb 2, 2009 | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Lis3S1S8Y

      With all the talk about "taskforces" and "fresh perspectives" and being frustrated because the case remains unsolved, one million of us got the wrong idea that maybe the case was "actively being investigated." Forgive me. What are you guys doing anyway? Oh yeah, that young man's body was just found in your backyard the other day. I hope you're "actively investigating" it. If it turns "cold"...good chance, unfortunately...I hope you never stop investigating it. But if you ever do decide to to shelve it like you've shelved Jonbenet, apparently, I hope someone—ANYONE—investigates it and solves it. God bless'em.

      Time for the PD to start telling the truth about this matter. No more bullsh*t. The KILLER is still out there, and he's NERVOUS. FINALLY put this to rest and arrest the killer NOW.

  13. http://www.dailycamera.com/news/boulder/ci_24386954/boulder-police-mark-beckner-investigators-disappointed-no-charges-filed-ramsey?source=pkg

    Boulder police, experts: Chance to catch JonBenet killer may be "lost forever"
    By Mitchell Byars, Camera Staff Writer | Posted: 10/25/2013 12:07:38 PM MDT | Updated: a day ago

    Boulder police said Friday investigators were "disappointed" in 1999 that the District Attorney's Office refused to charge John and Patsy Ramsey in the death of their 6-year-old daughter, a decision they said may have erased any chance of ever solving the enduring murder mystery.

    Other officials who were involved in the case also said it is highly unlikely it will ever see any resolution.

    The unprosecuted indictment -- which was released Friday in response to a lawsuit brought by Daily Camera reporter Charlie Brennan and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press -- revealed that a grand jury voted to indict both John and Patsy Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death and accessory to a crime.

    But then-DA Alex Hunter never signed the indictment, a decision Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner -- who was a lead investigator on the Ramsey case -- said may have cost investigators the chance to ever bring JonBenet's killer to justice.

    The felony charges of child abuse resulting in death and accessory to a crime carry a statute of limitations of three years from the time of the crime.

    "Investigators at the time were disappointed in the then-district attorney's decision not to issue indictments," Beckner said in a statement. "Cases are rarely perfect and often contain conflicting evidence. As a result, the opportunity to present the entire case to a jury may be lost forever."

    Many officials who worked on the case agreed that without a confession and evidence to back it up, a trial in the case is unlikely.

    "Absent a confession, there is not any specific smoking gun to point the finger at any one individual," said Jim Kolar, who worked on the case as a DA investigator from 2004 to 2006. "It may be one of those cases doomed to never be solved."

    (CONT. Below)

    1. (CONT.)

      Henry Lee, a forensic expert who was brought in by Hunter to work on the case, said the initial response Dec. 26, 1996, was after Patsy Ramsey called 911 to say her daughter was missing. In responding, investigators on the scene treated the house as the scene of an abduction, rather than a homicide.

      "The crime scene was handled like a kidnapping or a ransom scene, so a lot of potential evidence was lost," Lee said. "Unfortunately, the body was found much later."

      In his statement, Beckner said "it was difficult to remain silent" while the case was sealed, but the release of the true bill showed the public that the police department presented a case to the grand jurors based on the information and evidence available.

      Beckner said since District Attorney Stan Garnett was elected in 2008, Boulder police and prosecutors have worked together to prosecute several cold cases.

      "What we have learned from this experience is how important the relationships are between police departments, which investigate cases, and the district attorneys who ultimately prosecute cases," Beckner said. "Under District Attorney Stan Garnett, we've been able to develop a team approach -- with both agencies aiming for similar goals -- to achieve unprecedented success in prosecuting cold cases, most of which had been rejected for prosecution under previous district attorneys. Justice, and the public interest, is better served with this type of collaboration and shared focus."

      The JonBenet Ramsey case was given back to the Boulder Police Department in 2009, and Beckner said while the case is still considered open, it is not actively being investigated.

      "While we believe at this point it is unlikely there will ever be a prosecution, the Boulder Police Department still holds out some hope that one day the district attorney and the Boulder Police Department will be able to put together a case worthy of presenting to a jury," Beckner stated.

      Bob Grant, who was the district attorney for Adams County and was among a small group of prosecutors with whom Hunter met monthly, said because of the nature of the case and the media coverage, the case will move back into the spotlight from time to time.

      Grant referenced John Mark Karr, who falsely confessed to the crime in 2006.

      "Because of the media attention and because of the opportunity for people to get their 15 minutes of fame, I think it's likely there will be periods of activity surrounding the case that have nothing to do with the realities of the case, which is unfortunate," he said.

      But, he said, while people will continue to hear speculation in the case, he doubts there ever will be an answer to the one question everyone wants to know.

      "I think, unfortunately, we'll never know what happened to poor JonBenet," Grant said. "There will probably never be true closure in this case."

      Contact Camera Staff Writer Mitchell Byars at 303-473-1329, byarsm@dailycamera.com or twitter.com/mitchellbyars.

  14. https://bouldercolorado.gov/pages/oct-25-2013-boulder-police-department-statement-about-release-of-ramsey-true-bills

    Oct. 25, 2013 - Boulder Police Department Statement About Release of Ramsey True Bills

    Friday, Oct. 25, 2013
    Contact: Kim Kobel, Boulder Police, 303-441-3370

    Boulder Police Department statement about release of Ramsey true bills

    Today, Judge Robert Lowenbach released true bills that had been issued by the JonBenet Ramsey grand jury back in 1999. The decision by Judge Lowenbach to publicly disclose the existence of these true bills provides confirmation to the public that the investigation pursued by the Boulder Police Department was, in fact, based on the information and evidence available. The grand jury of 12 objective jurors ultimately agreed with investigators that probable cause existed for the filing of charges. “Until this release, it was difficult to remain silent in reference to our knowledge of the true bills for so many years,” stated Police Chief Mark Beckner.

    Investigators at the time were disappointed in the then district attorney’s decision not to issue indictments. Cases are rarely perfect and often contain conflicting evidence. As a result, the opportunity to present the entire case to a jury may be lost forever. We also understand the criteria for taking a case to trial is higher than probable cause.

    What we have learned from this experience is how important the relationships are between police departments which investigate cases and the district attorneys who ultimately prosecute cases. These roles should always remain clear. At the same time, both agencies must work collaboratively together as a team. Under District Attorney Stan Garnett, we’ve been able to develop a team approach – with both agencies aiming for similar goals - to achieve unprecedented success in prosecuting cold cases, most of which had been rejected for prosecution under previous district attorneys. Justice, and the public interest, is better served with this type of collaboration and shared focus.

    The status of the Ramsey investigation today is that of a cold case. The case is still open, but is not actively being investigated and there are no new leads. While we believe at this point it is unlikely there will ever be a prosecution, the Boulder Police Department still holds out some hope that one day the district attorney and the Boulder Police Department will be able to put together a case worthy of presenting to a jury.

  15. Police Recording Thursday, January 24, 2013
    The JonBenet Ramsey MURDERER has Returned and the Boulder Police won't investigate!

    Boulder PD claims they have "No new leads?" LIARS! Perhaps they should follow up on these tips and go test Bob Enyart's "small foreign faction" DNA before they let the case go cold?

  16. DA Garnett: "District attorneys are not priests; our job is not to forgive."

    Wonder if he knows how to apologize?

    "To the extent that we may have contributed in any way to the public perception that you might; have been involved in this crime, I AM DEEPLY SORRY. No innocent person should have to endure such an extensive trial in the court of public opinion, especially when public officials hate not had sufficient evidence to initiate a trial in a court of law. I have the greatest respect for the way you and your family have handled this adversity." —DA Mary Lacy, 2008, Letter to John Ramsey (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw_y6Wpqzl_bc2FhYk5vVGVKYnM/edit?usp=drive_web)

  17. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw_y6Wpqzl_bc2FhYk5vVGVKYnM/edit?usp=drive_web

    Boulder DA Mary Lacy, 2008: "Unexplained DNA on the victim of a Crime is powerful evidence. The match of male DNA on two separate items of Clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items. Despite substantial efforts over the years to identify the source of this DNA, there is no innocent explanation for its incriminating presence at three Sites on these two different items of clothing that JonBenet was wearing at the time of her murder."

  18. Remembering Dylan
    Family, friends gather for a memorial service to honor teen

    Herald Staff Writer

    Article Last Updated: Saturday, November 16, 2013 8:10pm

    “It’s still an open and active investigation,” said La Plata County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Dan Bender. Bender, who has been involved with the case since day one, said evidence is now being reviewed in partnership with state and federal authorities.

    “We’ve met recently again with the FBI and our investigators, going over information that we’ve accumulated,” Bender said. “We are in contact with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which has crime-related laboratories, and they are processing items that we have sent to them.”

    Bender said examination of the search area is on hold for the winter, but for now they will focus on evidence they do have.

    “We’ve done a search in the area where items were found earlier this summer on Middle Mountain (Road) about three weeks ago,” Bender said. “We’re trying to be as thorough as possible, after the low vegetation had died off and before heavy snow covered the area, and we are reviewing previous interviews and reports to make connection between them, and that process will continue.”

    Bender said he still receives tips and added, “We follow up on each and every one of those.”


  19. Arapahoe High School Shooting happened on Friday the 13th 12/13/13 - Nearly one year to the day from Sandy Hook in New Town. Just 8 miles from Columbine High School.

    Aurora Theatre shooting happened in Arapahoe county on July 20, 2012 at the Century16 theaters.  Just for fun, 7/20 = 720 = Denver area code, and Century16 = 116 = 911 inverted.  Arapahoe High School shooting happened on Friday December 13th (James Holmes DOB). The school shooter's home address also happens to be 9116.

    Listen to Police Recordings (Released TWO MONTHS BEFORE Arapahoe High School shooting.)

    POLICE CONTACTS who know about Serial Child Killers in CO - CRIMINAL SUSPECTS: 2X convicted child-abuser Robert Adolph Enyart, domestic terrorist Kenneth Tyler Scott, clinically ill co-conspirator Kimberly Kay Bowman & dirty deputy Gordon Carroll from Arapahoe Sheriff's K-9 unit. "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics."

    Listen to recordings about Dirty K-9 deputy Gordon Carroll
    PT 1 - 10/10/13 at 1:16pm- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iCW2NQAGl8Y

    PT 2 - 10/11/13 at 9:11am - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1Z_0RwvyT7M

    Contact Lt. Travis Stewart:Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs: 720-847-4112

    GOT PROOF? Listen to dozens of Police Recordings => www.PoliceRecordingsKekoas.blogspot.com


    "John and Patsy Ramsey did not kill their daughter...a very dangerous killer is still out there and no one is actively looking for him...I believe that justice is not being served, that innocent people are being targeted and could be charged with a murder they did not commit...The case tells me there is substantial, credible, evidence of an intruder and lack of evidence that the parents are involved. If this is true, they too are tragic victims whose misery has been compounded by a misdirected and flawed investigation, unsubstantiated leaks, rumors and accusations.

    I have worked in this profession for the past 32 years and have always been loyal to it, the men and women in it, and what it represents, because I believed that justice has always prevailed. In this case, however, I believe that justice is not being served, that innocent people are being targeted and could be charged with a murder they did not commit...The law enforcement Code of Ethics states it very well. My fundamental duty is to 'serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, the peaceful against violence or disorder. To respect the constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice.' This applies not only to JonBenet but to her mother and father as well...Shoes, shoes, the victim's shoes, who will stand in the victim's shoes?" - Late Legend Detective, Lou Smit (Sept 20, 1998 resignation letter)


  21. Police Recording 02-25-2014 | Department of Homeland Security re: Domestic Terrorist ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART FBI# 678532LA7 | ShadowGov.com = "Small Foreign Faction" | Watch & Listen here: http://youtu.be/rDTik70nu1Q

    ShadowGov.com = "Small Foreign Faction" founder, "Pro-Life Pastor" and "Christian" radio-show host Bob Enyart has a long violent criminal history with a conviction of conspiracy and two convictions of "cruelty towards a child", plus Bob Enyart has an FBI# - 678532LA7...so why the fuck won't the police or the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation go talk to this dangerous domestic terrorist with the FBI# about these high profile violent crimes?

    Call toll free 1-800-8-ENYART - DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | Social Security# 152-60-4382


    Still waiting after over a year for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed and Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for these HIGH PROFILE MURDERS!


    GOT PROOF? Listen to hours of recordings with the police:

  22. GOT PROOF? PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado. Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and murdered, and now history is repeating itself as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.


    *Watch here (over 1 full hour of PROOF) 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS" => http://youtu.be/NTH9Nn0t5oY

    Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this info...


    For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit: 

  23. I don't understand why no one is checking these people out.

  24. was bob enyart was against john ramsey or was john involed?

  25. was bob enyart against john ramsey or john help this.

  26. bob enyart did this.he is against govt.good people.and destroy all of it.and the world.he evil.

  27. EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS: JonBenét Ramsey Murder Suspects Revealed—LISTEN: Boulder Police Tip IGNORED | Internal Affairs DIRTY Deputy Gordon Carroll "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics" | The Department of Homeland Security Domestic Terrorists "Small Foreign Faction" | The FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Satanic Serial-Killer & Shot-Caller


    The JonBenét Ramsey murderer has returned & the Boulder Police have known who it is since 2012!


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